Sometimes I feel like I’m never full.  Yesterday I was like a grazing cow. I picked and grabbed and snacked my way through the day. It didn’t help that I bought three tubs of Trader Joe’s cookies for a play date we had at our house yesterday afternoon…ginger cats, meringues and ABC Cinnamon cookies were all calling my name. I also made Anne’s granola bars again. Fortunately I froze almost the entire batch so I couldn’t eat them all.  They are a favorite in my house.

I ate an early dinner because I had plans with a friend.  We went to the Odyssey Bookstore to see Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, two Young Adult authors, speak. They both live in the area and have quite a big following, both young and old(er). My friend introduced me to Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. I just finished the first book.

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I’ve been introduced to so many different books and authors this year. It has breathed new life into reading for me. So fun!

I got home around 8:15 pm and I could feel that ravenous monster rising up inside. I opened a cabinet and then I quickly shut it. I went upstairs and got into bed. I needed to just stop. I wasn’t really hungry. I just wanted to eat. I laid in bed feeling lots of negative feelings about my behavior. I woke up this morning still thinking about it. I felt instantly “fat” as though I had instantly gained 20 pounds as a result of extra snacking yesterday. I felt guilty about what I had done on top of the fact that I didn’t exercise Thursday or Friday. Oh I knew when I made the conscious decision to skip those work outs it would come back to haunt me. I chose to take a break because after working 7 nights in a row I felt like I really needed to slow things down for a couple of days. We also had plans that made it difficult to sneak in a workout.

I have been trying to remind myself that one “bad” day does not mean that I have to continue down that road. I need to move on. Today is a new day and I can make better decisions. I had a healthy breakfast of yogurt, pumpkin and oats. I have plans to go to the gym and I will tackle the workouts I missed on Thursday and Friday since it is pouring out today. I will move my 9 mile run to tomorrow because the weather looks beautiful and Sunday is normally a rest or light run day anyway.  I am going to stay clear away from the kitchen for now. I’ve got lots to do around the house that should keep me busy.

Just out of curiosity would this annoy anyone else…I made 12 of Angela’s In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers for my husband and brother-in-law for dinner. There was also a bean salad and roasted potatoes. I ate one of the burgers before I left. This morning I noticed that there were no veggie burgers left. They ate 11 veggie burgers??! and everything else. Talk about ravenous. I’m annoyed because I would have loved one for lunch today and also because they can eat whatever they darn well please and not gain an ounce.

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