I’m happy today. This morning I came home with a huge smile on my face. I finished a 7 night in a row stretch at work.  That would be horrible if I didn’t love my job so much, really it’s the people I work with that I love so much. I have a fun day planned. Right now I am in one of my favorite towns, home of UMass. I just got my hair colored and cut along with an eyebrow wax by my favorite hair dresser who recently started at a new salon here.

New Do

Sorry for the photo booth pic. I was just having a little fun.

I’m meeting one of my favorite friends for lunch. My favorite (and only) son is having the time of his life at activity camp at the YMCA this week. This afternoon Carlos and I have a play date at the playground with an old friend from high school and her son. Tonight I will at last have some alone time with my favorite (and only) husband.

This week has been a great running week to. I feel like I’m back in training mode and I’m loving it. On Saturday I ran 8 miles. I actually took Sunday off because we had a full day of Easter egg painting. I combined Sunday and Monday’s workouts into one on Monday morning. The day was gorgeous so I did some speed training indoor at the gym on the treadmill followed by a 30 minute strength training session and then I hit the trail at the college for a speedy 3 mile run. It wasn’t my speediest ever, but I pushed hard and finished three miles in about 28:40. I did little speed work over the winter and I definitely notice that I’ve lost some momentum. I have a post in the works about my thoughts on the speed issue so I won’t say much more except to say that I measure my speed against myself and myself alone. I aim to improve my own time. Tuesday was a zippy 4 miler around my neighborhood. I fit it in after work and before bringing to Carlos to camp at 9am so I could take advantage of the gray, rainy day to actually sleep. Wednesday was an impromptu hill workout on the treadmill. I totally wasn’t feeling a run, but then decided to spice it up with some hill work and I absolutely loved it. I was dripping with sweat. I only did 20 minutes but it flew by. I ran up hill at a 5 mph speed and then decreased the incline to a 2 or 3 for a minute or two at a 6 mph speed. I got all the way up to a 10 incline. I followed that up with 30 minutes of strength training.

I haven’t decided if I will do my scheduled 5 mile run today. I am not sure that I want to “mess” up my new do! I have to tell myself that once in a while it is ok to veer off my plan and take a break. There is always tomorrow.

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