I have been thinking about rejoining WW for a couple of months now.  I have been maintaining my weight since last year and I would love to get back into losing mode again. I know from experience that I achieve greater success when I document my food.

I have had reservations about paying for a WW membership.  It’s not exactly in the budget right now, though I could fit it in if I really wanted to. I have talked about ditching the scale last spring.  Well I haven’t weighed myself since.  It has been very liberating not to be controlled by the numbers on the scale and I don’t think that I want to return to weekly weigh ins.

I know approximately where I am at by the fit and feel of my clothing. I know that I haven’t gained weight.  I have actually lost a little bit in recent weeks and I would like to continue losing.

I have also been considering a return to Spark People. Oddly enough my inbox had three emails from them this morning which, of course, I took as a sign.  I have used Spark People in the past with good results. I like learning the nutritional breakdown of what I eat. The website is full of valuable resources as well as a huge online community of support.

I feel like I need to be accountable for what goes into my body right now. I know that as a result I will begin to lose a little weight in the process. I am satisfied with my slow rate of weight loss over the last year. Instead of setting a weight goal I have set a size goal. By summer time, June or July, I would like to fit comfortably in a size 10 pair of pants. I am currently in a size 12 and they are beginning to feel a little loose.

I have tracked my breakfast, lunch and snack so far.  However, I have a pre-mother/son date this afternoon which involves ice cream.  I learned a little trick last summer to deal with the temptation of ice cream, one of my favorite treats.  If I am really dying for it then I order myself a kids size cup. If I can live with a few tastes then I “share” with Carlos (if he lets me!). I try to stick with a sorbet or FF frozen yogurt if available.  I enjoyed regular ice cream dates with Carlos last summer and never once felt deprived.

Our real mother/son date will take place tomorrow.  After pre-school we are going to see Hop and then out to lunch. This movie is particularly meaningful since Carlos’ favorite stuffed animal is a bunny and aptly named, “Bunny.” Carlos has had “Bunny” since Easter of 2007.  Bunny goes everywhere with us and sleeps with Carlos.

I now present “Bunny”…

Bunny en route to Mozambique 2009


Bunny heading to the Dominican Republic (2010)

It’s hard to see him in the above photo, but if you look closely you can just make out Bunny’s foot under Carlos’ arm.

Bunny makes it back to South Africa in 2011

Bunny hanging out after a bath in Mozambique (2011)

Bunny has also been to Florida, Kennebunkport, ME and various other shorter trips. OK I know, enough of Bunny.  The moral of the story is that if by chance I happen to have a second child I will banish any large stuffed animals from the house immediately!!  Oh and how do I know Bunny is a boy? Carlos tells us that he is his brother.  So there you have it.

Any childhood stuffed animal stories to share? I am so embarrassed proud to say that I carried a stuffed doll turned piece of cloth that I called “Booby!”

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