I decided to recap 2010 in a series of posts which I began in the last post. I want this year to be equally as positive, healthy and productive as last year.  As this winter wears on, I find myself trying to find some structure in relation to my eating, exercise and personal goals.  I want to remind myself of all the positive changes I made in my life last year in hopes of continuing along that path and adding new healthy changes and challenges this year.

In the first Tools post I talked about ditching the scale.  Although I am contemplating a return to the Weight Watchers program I will probably not attend meetings.  My aunt has all of the new WW plus materials that I can use to follow the program on my own.  I will use my clothing, how it feels and fits, to set goals.  I am currently in a size 12 pants/jeans.  I would absolutely love to wear a size 10 by early summer.

I have always been a fairly active person but I never realized my full potential.  I worked out because I felt I had to and because I was always trying to lose weight.  Last year I decided to embrace exercise and learn to love it both for me and my son.  I don’t want to be the mom that is lagging behind.  I want to be right along side of him doing whatever activity he’s doing.

In 2009 I ran my first 5K.  As I crossed the finish line I knew I would run another race.  I kept running outdoors whenever possible in early 2010.  At some point in the spring I kicked it into full gear and started running a few times a week or as often as possible and then eventually decided to train for a half marathon.  To read more about my running “story” please visit this post.

I began to crave running because I loved being outdoors.  I sought scenic running trails.  I looked forward to longer runs because it was more time just for me.  I used the time to think, rock out to my iPod and also to set new activity goals.  It was a hot summer and I took advantage of it by swimming as much as possible at my Mom’s or at my favorite nearby lake.  My son and I also took walks and hikes on local trails.

On top of Skinner Mountain

I was no longer working out solely to lose weight.  I loved the way I felt after being active. By pushing myself and reaching little goals I actually inspired myself to continue running and exercising.  When I did the dorky fist pump as I crossed the finish line of the Hartford ING Half Marathon in October it was seriously one of my proudest moments. (Wow my eyes just welled up with tears.  Yes I really am a dork!).

I am looking forward to finally putting together my 2011 race schedule.  I can’t wait to start hiking again.  Lake Wyola is already calling our name.  I am also excited to add some new activities like biking.

2 thoughts on “Tools2

  1. I need to get my fitness goals together. Trying new things is so energizing and motivating. I think, though, I will always love my yoga.

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