Last year marked some big changes in my life. 2010 was one of my best years yet. It wasn’t by chance though. I made a conscious decision to make it a healthier, happier and more active year. Something clicked over the last year for the first time in my lifelong struggle with weight loss and body image issues. The shift came in large part from reading healthy living blogs as well as learning to trust myself and my judgment. I began to take a holistic approach to living a healthy life rather than focusing on weight loss solely. I realized that I have all the tools I need to be successful; I just needed to begin using them.

One of the first changes I made was ditching the scale.  That was about 10 months ago. I still have no idea how much I weigh. I know that I’ve lost some weight because I went down a size since last year. I have maintained that loss but haven’t lost anymore since.  It has been liberating not relying on the scale to gauge my progress. I have been working on creating a new relationship with my body. I no longer see myself as a number. I would be lying, though, if I said that I love my body and never wish it to be different. I still struggle with these emotions but I am more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been.

My photos from this year actually include photos of me and not all above the waist photos either!  I always hide behind the camera so I don’t have to be in the photos.  It made me sad though to think that my son might want to have certain memories captured on film.  On our recent vacation I made an effort to get in more photos.  My sister sent me some adorable dresses to bring with me.  I promised to take photos to show her the dresses on me.  I must preface the below photo by telling you that it was easily 98 degrees in the shade.  My face had a constant shine “glow!”  The sweltering heat might account for the serious face too!!

Striking a pose

I admit that it’s still difficult to see photos of myself, but I have come a long way.

More posts to come on my healthy living changes in 2010…

3 thoughts on “Tools

  1. You have come a long way, Aimee!!! And ditching the scale is SO freeing, isn’t it?? We get so caught up in those little numbers, however, when we ditch the scale we become so much more in tune with the feel of our body and how certain foods make us feel. I think sometimes I make better choices when I listen to what I “really” want rather than eat what I “think I should have!

    Keep on keepin’ on, Aimee! You’re doing GREAT!

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  3. It is definitely freeing. I think to some extent the numbers are important and shouldn’t be ignored but I was developing a very negative relationship with the scale. I needed to pull back and try something new. Thanks for your encouragement Marisa.

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