I hate the treadmill.  OK there I said it.  I have tried everything as I mentioned before.  Until a week ago the most I could muster through was three miles and that was only once a week if I was feeling up to it.  After the half marathon I was without a training plan, but I decided that I would commit to a double digit run once a month until I firmed up my spring race schedule and training plans.  I was lucky enough to be able to run 10 miles outdoors in November, December and January.  With no end in sight to the snow and ice that is piled high on the ground I knew that February’s double digit run would have to be on the treadmill.

So I decided on the day that I would attempt a long run on the treadmill.  I made sure my iPod was fully charged.  I armed myself with a big bottle of water and a small bag of raisins.  And then I confronted my nemesis head on.  I decided that if I was going to complete 10 miles on the treadmill then it would have to be on my terms.  Instead of increasing my speed to my usual 6 mph I held steady at 5 mph until I felt like increasing and even then I only increased in small increments.  I did maintain a slight incline throughout the run.

I allowed the music to motivate my speed.  I increased my speed when I felt like it and slowed it down when I felt like it.  I took a water fountain break after mile 3 and mile 7 and I stopped for sips of water nearly every mile.

At the end I even contemplated going another mile, but I had to pick my son up from school and I would be pushing it for time.  I found that I never felt the dread that normally goes along with my treadmill workouts.  Instead I felt fantastic…dare I say amazing.

I have found a number of possible races for the spring.  Unfortunately a couple of the races I was really interested in running (Lake Placid and the Providence Rock and Roll Half Marathons) are scheduled for the weekends that I have to work.  I don’t have the option to take any time off since our recent extended vacation.  I did find other local races that should be fun.  I hope to register for a couple this week and then design a training schedule.

I really enjoy running.  I have been craving an outdoor run so much lately.  However, by the time the weather improves and the snow and ice melt I just might have made a new friend – the treadmill.

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