We actually came back on February 12 from our vacation, but life has been quite hectic around here.  For a short time we were here:


Now we are here:

Winter Wonderland

There seems to be no end in sight to this winter.  Fortunately I arranged for our driveway to be plowed while we were away otherwise we would not have been able to pull into our driveway.

I was completely disconnected during our 17 days away.  No phone, no computer, no internet, no blogs…it was wonderful.  I read 5 books.  I spent lots of quality time with my family and my in-laws.  I also remembered the art of just simply being.  It is hot where we were, very hot and humid.  Sometimes your only relief from the heat is to sit still and allow yourself to enjoy even the slightest movement of air.

I ate mangoes, pineapple, papaya, coconut and fresh roasted cashews.  I swam in the Indian Ocean. I wore cute dresses, flip flops, no makeup and let my hair air dry.  I slept under a mosquito net and took anti-malarial medication every day.  I spoke another language the entire time.  I greeted everyone I passed in the street.  I saw the Southern Cross constellation every night in the sky.

We had a wonderful time but it is always good to be home again.


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