Enough about my car being broken into.  Moving on…

Today I spent the day with my mother, grandmother, son and sister at my sister’s house in Eastern Massachusetts.  We went bowling!  Not unlike sledding it is nearly impossible to put on a pair of bowling shoes and not smile.  We allowed Carlos to have bumpers on his turn and he kicked butt.  He smoked us all.  We had such a great time.  Then we took a trip to Whole Foods for lunch.  We packed up an array of salads and took them back to my sister’s house for a mini feast.  I love sampling a little bit of everything.  My sister also heated up some of her famous spinach artichoke dip and carrot chips.  Mmmmm!

We will be heading back home soon.  It’s all about the Patriots tonight.  I am hoping for at least an hour snooze before work tonight.  There is lots to do this week in preparation for our big trip.  We leave on January 26.

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