Lessons 2

For some reason writing about the recent break in into my car has helped me so much to process what happened and move on.  It has also helped me remember things that still need to be done.  This concludes the list of steps that I took to cover everything that was stolen.


For some reason a few years ago I made a list of what was in my wallet.  Although I hadn’t updated it in a while, it at least gave me a rough guide to follow.  I immediately contacted my bank to cancel my debit card and Bank of America credit card.  I made sure to give them a new contact phone number.  My husband and I made a trip to our local Bank of America branch and changed our account numbers just to allay any fears.  This probably wasn’t necessary but we felt better doing it.

I called Discover Card and was able to institute wallet protection plan that I pay $2.99 a month for.  Unfortunately I wasn’t using it to its fullest potential since the only card listed as being in my wallet was the Discover Card and an American Express card.  Essentially what the plan does is it contacts any credit card company listed and has those accounts cancelled and new cards issued.  It also monitors your credit report at the three major credit bureaus for 90 days and will contact you in the event of any suspicious activity.  I will also be reimbursed up to $100 for a new wallet.

I alerted my health insurance representative.  My husband is in a union and we have a union rep that handles any health insurance concern.  This is extremely helpful because I have developed a friendly phone relationship with her over the years.  New cards are being issued and I was told to monitor my explanation of benefit statements for any unauthorized services.

My license was replaced online by ordering a duplicate license.

Lessons learned:

  • Keep an updated list of what is in your wallet including card numbers and drivers license number
  • Having a wallet protection plan is worth the money just make sure to list all of your credit cards
  • Lock wallet up in the glove compartment or utilize a spy belt or something similar to stash a credit card and ID if errands need to be done after a run
  • Credit report monitoring is essential if you are at risk of identity theft
  • Keep at least one credit card at home so that you have some source of money (For some reason I feel that I should note here that we do not live off credit cards.  In fact we pay ours off each month and have not accrued one penny of interest in nearly 9 years.  However, we charge just about everything and reap the cash back rewards.)

Broken Window

I contacted the insurance company to inform them of the broken window. We recently switched our car and home owners insurance policies to Liberty Mutual.  Each time I have had to call the company I am so impressed with their customer service.  First I filed a claim regarding the window and I was offered an appointment for someone to come to our home the following day to replace the window.  I asked about a temporary solution due to impending snow.  I was told to take the car to the glass company and they would weather proof the open window.  When my husband took the car they were actually able to install the window at that time.

Then per the suggestion of the customer service representative I was transferred to a claims agent from the home owners division.  They took some information and told me that a representative would contact me later in the day to file a home owners claim for the stolen items.  He called me just a couple of hours later and walked me through the claim process.  As of right now the value of the items stolen is less than the deductible, but I have since remembered gift cards and a couple of other things that might just push the value up enough to receive a small reimbursement.

Lessons learned:

  • Windows can be replaced

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