I set out on a very chilly run this morning after dropping Carlos off at school.  I definitely wanted to run this morning.  So I bundled up and off I went on my usual route around the reservoir.  Within seconds I was met with a cold wind.  I let out a shriek and pushed on against the wind.  I found myself laughing out loud.  I felt challenged but I was loving it.  The wind diminished on the other side of the reservoir.  Towards the end of the loop the sun was shining bright and added some warmth.

I finished up my first loop and went to the car for some water and to check my phone.  I cannot run with my iPhone, but I’m always worried that I will miss a call from my son’s school.  I know, I know what on earth did we do before cell phones.

I was feeling good and decided to go for another loop.  I took off my fleece since I had warmed up a bit, but kept my mittens on.  I encountered the wind again, but I was ready for it this time.  My legs felt incredible so I just let them dictate how fast I should go.  I wasn’t keeping track of my time for this run.  I just wanted to run for the fun of running.  My second loop went by like a flash.

I did a bunch of tedious errands: dropped books/DVDs at the library, got gas, enjoyed a free coffee courtesy of the Pride gas station where I filled up my tank, stopped at CVS to pick up wish list items for Carlos’ teacher, and then I went to the Scrub Wearhouse for some new scrub bottoms for work.

My scrubs have become downright baggy.  One pair is so worn that soon I will be almost indecent.  I have one pair that I can pull up to my chin.  I grabbed all mediums and they all fit!!!!  So excited.  I loved the Sketchers bottoms but of course they were more expensive.  I tried on a few pairs of the Cherokee pants that were on sale, but they just weren’t as comfortable or as well fitting as the Sketchers.  I decided to treat myself and buy the pants that fit and felt best.  Sketchers it was.

The rest of the day gave way to coloring, playing games, dancing around the kitchen, and attempting to put up the Christmas tree.  We have a fake tree.  It’s not very big.  It fits in a box and comes apart in three pieces.  The lights on the bottom worked fine.  The lights on the middle, not so much.  I tested the top and the lights were fine.  Off to CVS for new lights.  I bought one box because that’s all I needed.   Well I should have had the foresight to just buy two sets of lights because as soon as I finished putting the lights on the middle part, the top lights didn’t work????  I have decided to let it go until tomorrow.  So there we sat in the living room with a Christmas tree in the corner with only the bottom lit up!

Dinner was quick and inspired by Roni’s Rainbow Turk-a-Roni.  My husband begged me to make a pumpkin bread.  I found a quick and easy recipe on the Very Best Baking website for spiced pumpkin bread.  I made a couple of changes (applesauce instead of oil, less sugar) and the end result was delicious.  I had to shut my husband off or the entire bread would have been history.

From making statements like, “I cannot cook,” “I cannot run” for as long as I can remember to whipping up a homemade pumpkin bread and enjoying a 7 mile run in barely 30 degree temps.  Who am I?

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