This afternoon I must deliver my baby MacBook to repair shop.  The disc drive spits out every disc I try to feed it.  Carlos may have stuck something inside of it when I turned my head for a minute.  He definitely did that to our desk top computer upstairs.  It spit out my work ID when I tried one of the tricks I found while googling “something is stuck in my disc drive.” We know there is at least one Caillou DVD still in there and possible other unidentified objects.  The suspect has pled the 5th!

I’m not sure that is the case with my laptop.  So I have to bring it in to have it checked out.  This means that I may not be around too much over the next few days (hopefully not any longer than that).

Off I go to get some things done on my gigantic To Do List.  Today might just have to be an exercise rest day. Later this afternoon I’m going in for a much needed hair cut and color.  Then Carlos has T-ball at 4:30 at the YMCA.  Busy day!!!


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