Bear With Me

I have thought about starting a blog for some time. I love reading healthy living blogs. It is such a great forum for sharing recipes, product information, exercise tips and more. I find that most of the bloggers are positive and enthusiastic about blogging and life in general.

I am not sure what direction I am going with this blog. So far I have only written a few posts and mostly about running my first half marathon. It may take me a little while to find my groove with this. I love the idea of simply sharing my experiences as a busy woman who wears many hats during the course of the day.

I will get around to an about me tab, but for now what you should know is that I am truly intent on living a happy, healthy life. I am constantly learning. I do not hesitate to try new things. I never back down from a challenge.

If someone should find my new little blog…welcome and thank you for visiting. Please say hello and more importantly please come back because I will get the hang of this!

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