Uggghhhh I hate having so much candy in the house. Since we weren’t going to be home I didn’t bother buying candy to hand out to trick or treaters. However, my 3 year old racked up a huge bag of chocolate and sugar laden loot. Luckily he is only 3 and can’t quite remember what was in his bag or how much. So this morning after hitting up the gym for my first official speed training workout, I returned home to deal with the candy.

First I dumped it all on the table. Then I divided it into two piles, chocolate and non-chocolate. I threw all of the non-chocolate candy and a select few of the chocolate candy into a bowl and placed it up high on a shelf in the pantry. Then I put the rest of the candy in a bag with the intention of taking it to work tonight. The non-chocolate candy isn’t really all that tempting to me so it is much safer in the house than the chocolate candy.

When my son came home from school we talked about the candy rules. Candy is a treat, no candy until after lunch, one piece a day, no getting the ladder out of the basement, yadda yadda.

My son is just about the pickiest eater in the world. Now my mother would tell you that he takes after me as a kid, and he does but a thousand times worse. In a nutshell he eats chicken nuggets (the frozen kind), noodles with butter and parmesan cheese, hard boiled egg whites, peanut butter and jelly, apples with no skin…you get the point right. Ridiculous!

The child would live on popcorn and juice if I allowed it. I don’t but some days it would be easier, like tonight for instance. I served him noodles with butter and cheese because I just happened to have some left over. I also cut up one green bean, one tiny piece of roast sweet potato and one piece of roasted pear. He squirmed and avoided the plate at all costs. I told him to just eat one piece of everything. He ate the pear first in two bites. Mmmmm he said in an uncomfortable and unconvincing manner. Next was the sweet potato which he chewed rapidly, gagged and then proceeded to (TMI alert) throw up his dinner all over the table. You would think that I was trying to make him eat dog poop. He has since been bathed, dressed and tucked cozily into bed.

If he is anything like me then I take comfort in knowing that at some point in his mid-20s he will start discovering how amazing vegetables and begin trying new things. In the meantime I am stuck with the only 3 year old I know who doesn’t like pizza or cereal. What?!

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