Rewind to November

November came and went in a flash. The Sunday after the Manchester City Marathon my friend M and I ran a local race, the Clarkdale Farms 12K. It was a nice fall day, a new distance, and a pretty course with rolling hills.

I blinked and Thanksgiving had arrived. In 2010 after completing my first half marathon I decided to do a solo turkey trot and have continued the tradition every year since. This year was a little different though. I went to my favorite reservoir and ended up going off the main trail onto a trail I had never ventured on  before. Soon I ended up doing more of hike as I wound my way up a steep trail which led to a lovely view.

I wandered along the trails hiking, running, and cautiously navigating some leaf covered trails for nearly 2.5 hours. In the end I had covered 10 miles.

I convinced my mom to go out for Thanksgiving dinner this year since it was just going to be us, my mom, her husband and one of his granddaughters. She vowed last year that she was not cooking Thanksgiving dinner again. I love to cook and my husband enjoys my cooking, but I am not skilled at preparing large meals for many people nor does everyone care for my style of cooking. Plus I think my mom and her husband are secretly terrified that I will serve tofurkey in the shape of a turkey. So we made reservations at the Hotel Northampton. We were certainly not alone. It was very crowded, but the buffet was plentiful and offered something for everyone. After dinner we returned to my mom’s for coffee and dessert though no one ate much more.

Thanksgiving is our least favorite holiday because we remember it as our last holiday with my stepfather. He died on 12/2/1996. Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. My stepfather had a larger than life personality and everyone adored him. He made every day a happier day. The holidays in general have never been the same. My mom seemed to like the change of pace this year, but as always there is a quiet sadness that accompanies my mom’s mood during Thanksgiving and the days that follow. It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since he died. I still wonder what life would be like if he were still here. He would have enjoyed Carlos and Orlando so much.

I don’t want to end this on a sad note. So here’s a picture of Carlos in work mode at this awesome local program that teaches kids coding, robotics, and computer programming amongst other tech topics. It’s a hidden gem and also free. In this particular class they created these remote control vehicles.





One thought on “Rewind to November

  1. Interesting, my grandmother died the day after Thanksgiving in 1996. I remember my college bf and I were supposed to spend TG with my uncle and aunt, and we basically did nothing that day since my uncle flew home to be with her and my aunt was busy rearranging things for my cousins. Then my grandma died the following day, and I flew home over the weekend so I’d be there for the funeral. Between the two of us, double boo for 1996 I guess!

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