Running thoughts 

I just finished an awesome six mile run with hill repeats at the end. I went after lunch. It’s really hot and humid. My legs weren’t feeling great at first but I pushed through it and ran faster than I have in a while. I went up that hill with a vengeance. 

No sooner did I finished the run did I suddenly I felt tears in my eyes and a huge rush of emotion. I have no idea what that was all about. I think about so many things when I’m running. I usually forget most of them by the end of the run and even if I don’t really work out what’s bothering me or what kind of heavy and weighing on me for the day I generally feel 1000 times better. Today that wasn’t the case and when the tears came rolling down my cheeks they just blended with the sweat. I must’ve needed it. I am feeling much better now I must’ve needed it. I am feeling much better now and as always I never regret a run.

One thought on “Running thoughts 

  1. That’s definitely a difference between solo and group running. I’ve cried on runs before while talking, but it’s never been that sudden surge afterward. Funny that you had a great run today, I did too. Slightly less humid here this morning, and I just felt like I was killing it, felt so effortless it was crazy. Best run I’ve had in months, by far.

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