Lighten up challenge – day 5


I worked another overnight shift last night. At work I had my usual coffee and almond milk. I also ate an apple and a half cup of raisin bran with almond milk.

After a last-minute crisis at work which of course happened right at 7 AM as we were about to walk out the door I met my friend at another local reservoir for a run. Since we were both feeling a little sluggish she made an executive decision to continue around the reservoir and then head up the access road which leads up the mountain behind the reservoir. This is often called the death run and now I know why! I’m not sure exactly how far the road went but we did 30 second run and one minute walk intervals all the way up to the top. It was really foggy and so you just never knew when you were going to reach the top.

It was a tough workout. Yet there is a slightly demented side to me that enjoys this type of a workout. We are calling today our baseline death run. We are hoping to do it every couple of weeks to see how we are able to improve. Total run 6.35 miles. 

Going up

Clouds at the top of the climb

The reservoir

10  orange, frozen mango and pineapple blend 

11:15 about a quarter cup of brown rice, a couple spoonfuls of leftover sautéed vegetables, sauerkraut, one spoon of hummus

12-2 Carlos’ soccer game in the blazing sun! The coach took the kids for ice cream afterwards. Then we were on our way to run some errands. I looked back at Carlos and he seemed to be really tired. He had slept at a friend’s house the night before and lord knows I was beat so I turned around, went home and we took a much needed nap. 

7 Carlos and I hit the mall feeling refreshed after our 4 hour nap! We ate dinner/lunch at 99 Restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised to find a hummus platter and black bean burger with a side salad. It was nicely portioned and the vegetables all very fresh.

9 Since we were out and about I decided to do a quick grocery shopping. 

10 Small bowl of organic Cheerios, a smal box of raisins and a banana with almond milk. 

Total steps for the day were just over 22,000. 

One thought on “Lighten up challenge – day 5

  1. I don’t know how you function on so little sleep. I know you’ve told me before you get used to it, and you’ll nap, but I can’t comprehend it. It blows my mind, much like grocery shopping at 9 blows my mind, I’m usually asleep by then! If I get less than 7 hours, my world starts falling apart. And I really feel like I need 8…

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