Free Flow Friday

Another edition of my random thoughts posted via the talk to text feature on my phone.

I really love the new iTunes Radio. I’m currently listening to an Avicii station at the gym.

Today’s workout is Jamie Eason’s Live Trainer phase 1 week 4 chest/triceps. I tend to go out of order on the days. So far I really like this program because it gives me some structure and guidance in the gym. Plus all of the exercises have accompanying video demonstrations.

Oh my goodness why am I so emotional. Seriously I have no self-esteem or confidence lately.

Halloween trick or treating was a success despite the rain. Now I have to figure out how to slowly get rid of the massive quantity of candy without Carlos noticing.

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

We just got new neighbors yesterday. Hopefully they are friendlier than the last neighbors.

I really enjoy podcasts. My favorites are Roni’s Weigh, The Rich Roll Podcast, Half Size Me and No Meat Athlete.

White socks and little boys make no sense.

I just paid $3.19 per gallon of gas at Stop & Shop. It’s sad that i’m excited by this.

I’m washing my bed linens today. It takes 3 loads to do them all.

Taking Carlos and his friend to Kick or Treat event through Carlos’ soccer program. More candy coming their way!

The boys are having such interesting conversation about butts, poop, diarrhea and farts. They are talking about it while eating!

Carlos lost a shin pad during soccer and actually tried to blame it on me.

House Hunters in Athens, Greece – the couple is most concerned about getting a piano in the apartment. Also the guy looks very much like Howard Stern.

We ordered pizza tonight after soccer. I didn’t eat any because I don’t eat dairy anymore. It was my favorite pizza with fresh roasted tomatoes, feta and artichoke hearts. I made a kale salad for myself. Sometimes it’s really difficult to eat differently, but I feel so much better eating a certain diet.

Since I’m not eating dairy that means no milk chocolate which makes eating most of Carlos’ Halloween candy off limits. I have not touched one piece of candy this year. I feel great and very in control right now.

Election Day on Tuesday…go vote!

Watching the local news and turns out that guy Penn from Penn and Teller is from Greenfield, MA about 45 minutes north of where I love. Who knew?

I went to vinyasa yoga class twice this week. I love it but it’s really challenging. I want to be good at yoga someday.

It’s a late night and already 11:30. Time for bed. Long run in the morning, soccer, more soccer, afternoon Fright Fest at Six Flags and date night with my husband on the agenda tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Free Flow Friday

  1. Aimee…I LOVE these random posts…so much fun. I always think it is so interesting what people are thinking about…like when I’m at the hospital, I’ll think “I wonder what is going through that person’s mind RIGHT NOW??!!” 🙂
    Anyways…so funny about the poop/farts…little boys are so cute!
    No candy at all??!!! Wow. You have great will power. I’m doing moderation…working pretty good too.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Those house hunter international shows drive me nuts – this one show a woman walks into my dream kitchen – wide open into the family room, a giant island, stainless steal appliances and she turned her nose up to it because it didn’t have a chandelier in the kitchen like her old house – and the husband was like “why do you care – you don’t even cook!”

    Yep, boys love to talk about poop and farts – gotta love it! Have a great weekend Aimee!

  3. Hi Aimee! You are SO busy! You will turn out great in yoga. It takes time, but you’re very persistent. Maybe Carlos could pick his favorite candies before getting rid of the rest. My teen kids do understand why I think too much candy is bad. He will too. Wonderful for you that you did not eat Halloween candy. I probably had 200 calories of it over 2 days. I know what it can do fat-wise, so it’s not too exciting to see all of it. I had a big bowl of tomato soup the last time the family had a big pizza.

  4. I really like Half Size Me, too. That’s where I discovered you! 🙂 You are an inspiration, Aimee! And I agree with Marion about the yoga: you are persistent and I’m sure before long, you will be awesome at it! I admire your steadfastness in the face of all that halloween candy. I succumbed to donuts at work last night, but since I PR’d at my half marathon yesterday, I figured I could use a few bonus points. I did 2:13 — that’s 30 minutes faster than my first half!! I almost thought the course must have been short or something, but I have it clocked on MapMyRun. The donuts were yummy, but it’s time to get right back on track!

  5. Carols looks great! We got rain this year too, but still managed boat loads of candy. Will have to check out some of the podcasts you mention, my list is getting stale.

  6. I love Free Flow Fridays! Somehow I missed that they were all composed via talk to text – what a good idea! It totally fits the format and makes for an easier upload.

    I love iTunes radio too, I’ve been into Indie Pop and Alternative stations.
    I would be very excited to pay only $3.19 for gas. I just filled up this morning for $3.41. Crazy!!

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