October Redo

I am stunned that this month is one day away from being over. Where did it go? More importantly how did it pass by without apple picking, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed roasting or hot apple cider drinking?

Here’s a very brief glimpse into the month. It was a whirlwind of many fun outdoor activities. Probably the only thing not featured in the photo gallery are photos of soccer and the soccer field is definitely the place we spent the most time!

So October I wouldn’t mind a redo. You are my favorite month after all and you flew by in the blink of an eye. As I sit here typing this by the warmth of my space heater I’m not sure how much fall we have left. There are still lots of leaves to rake which means leaf piles to jump in. The pumpkins might still get carved and perhaps there are even apples left to pick. If not there is definitely plenty of hot apple cider to drink.


12 thoughts on “October Redo

    • You’re right the end of the year flies by while I feel that the beginning of the year drags on a bit and I’m not as fond of those months.

  1. I think you had a super busy October!! But I am with you – I have no idea where this year is going! Thanks for sharing all the photos – Carlos is getting so big!

  2. I feel the same way. Love October, but never found to do all the things I love about it. Hoping the leaves hold out this weekend to go for a nice walk in the woods and enjoy the view. The Halloween treat you made so cute. Oh boy, Carlos and Finn would get along well!

    • I suspect the boys would have fun together. Jacky I’m the least creative person, but my friend messaged me photos of the Halloween treats and assured me even I could make them! Carlos helped me make the spider Oreos. He kept finding “broken” M&Ms that he just had to eat!

  3. It looks like you had a lovely October. Like yours, my October (and my 2013 has flown by) but we also lived our lives to the fullest this gorgeous fall month!

  4. Aimee…I just love all the pictures…it sure seems like you did fit a lot in even if the apple picking and pumpkin carving are not there! What a treasure trove of memories! I LOVE Carlos’ costume…did he dream it up? SO CUTE!! I would love an October re-do as well…I fear we are heading into winter all too soon. But I’m daring to love each season/month/day as a wonderful gift!

    • Thanks Kaye. Carlos is all about secret agents and anything law enforcement! He has a wild imagination too. I think winter is fast on its way, but thank you for reminding me how important it is to stop and appreciate the now.

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