Stepping Up

On Tuesday night my little guy became a Kindergarten graduate. He officially “stepped up” up to first grade on Monday when he went for a visit to the primary school building and got to spend time in first grade.

The children have been practicing for their graduation for months. They are no strangers to performing for an audience. This was their 4th show of the year. They sing, dance, speak and recite poems. Not one of them seems to be nervous which is so impressive. I would be a wreck!

I had asked Carlos earlier in the day if I would cry and he said, “I think you will Mommy especially during the last song so you better bring your tissues.” The teachers sure know how to tug at your heart strings. The last song definitely made me tear up with its message to hang onto your child now for it won’t be long before they are all grown up.

I do try to savor every moment with Carlos, but it does seem like he is growing up all too quickly. For now I’ll take every hug that’s offered, every hand to hold and every moment he wants to spend with me.

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Medal

Carlos receiving his Kindergarten Medal

Family photo

My family



2 thoughts on “Stepping Up

  1. I love all of these pictures, Aimee! You look AMAZING and your family is just so adorable. Yay, Carlos for moving on up to first grade 🙂

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