Day Dates

My husband and I rarely go out on dates. It has a lot to do with my schedule. I work nights and I work every other weekend. It also has to do with the exorbitant cost of babysitters these days. What the heck happened to $2/hour? When I am lucky enough to even find a babysitter the minimum is $10/hour.

My husband is a mason and he gets laid off most winters. We plan for it financially so we don’t stress about money, but it tends to take an emotional toll on the two of us. I think it’s the lack of day structure that makes my husband a bit loopy after a few weeks. Needless to say neither on of us can wait for work to begin again.

We decided to take a different approach this year. For one I have stepped down off my martyr throne and now graciously accept any offers to drive Carlos to school, do other errands or jobs around the house. We are also enjoying some much needed quality couple time together. Since we don’t have too many Saturday night dates we are now taking this opportunity to go on day dates. I have no idea why we never thought of this before.

So far my favorite day date was snowshoeing at Northfield Mountain. It was a first for both of us and it was so much fun. Northfield is a small town located in north western Massachusetts. It was established in 1723 and straddles both sides of the Connecticut River.

The trails were nicely groomed, it was a good day for a winter activity, not too cold and no wind. Oh I have to interject here that it was also my first outing in my new snow pants. I splurged and bought a pair of black North Face snow pants. I decided that in order to really enjoy winter and all the fun winter outdoor activities then I need to dress appropriately. I have never had great winter gear so I’m always cold and uncomfortable. No more! These pants were amazing; warm, perfect fit, not bulky and they looked decent. According to my husband the view from behind was rather pleasing! They weren’t exactly cheap, but I suspect I will have them for years to come.

Back to snowshoeing…it was a blast. We tore up the mountain once we got the hang of walking with the funny shoes. We followed the map to the summit. There is a reservoir on top with pretty views all the way into Vermont. We took in the view and then back down we went at a speedy pace so we could head back to pick up Carlos from school on time. It was a workout for sure, but it was so much fun it didn’t feel like work.

Enough talk. Here are some photos of the day.

Mozambican Mountain Man

Scenery along the way

Nearing the summit

We made it!

Taking a break to admire the view

Taking a break to admire the view

New snow pants and a view of Vermont in the distance

New snow pants and a view of Vermont in the distance

If you have never snowshoed before give it a try. It’s like hiking in the snow. It’s fun, refreshing to be out in the crisp winter air and it’s great exercise.

12 thoughts on “Day Dates

  1. Day dates – and fun ones at that – sound like the perfect solution for you guys. Hmmmm, could those snow pants be great motivation to stay the same size? I think so!

  2. You are looking so great! My husband and I have similar issues trying to get some “us” time. Modern, busy, parenting marriage is no joke. And babysitters, don’t get me started!

    • Thanks Michelle. You look fantastic, you rockstar! Love the poster. Uggghhh babysitters…I had one cancel on me for tomorrow night. She texted me today which leaves me no time to find anyone else. My husband and I were supposed to attend the belaying class at a local rock climbing gym. It’s so frustrating.

    • We did have a great time. I’ve been perusing Craig’s list for used snow shoes! I probably won’t buy them this year, but it would be fun to have a pair of my own.

  3. Day dates sound so lovely, and I’m sure will yield wonderful connections and memories for both of you. And good for you for taking advantage of offers to help. I’ve been conditioning my husband to accept that IF he retires before me, he’s going to be in charge of all the house stuff including cooking 3 meals per day. He even jokes about delivering my lunch to my office! Haha. But nice that Orlando is helping out during his down time, making things better for both of you.

    • My husband is 5 years younger than me so he plans on retiring when I do which I declare unfair. I think I should retire first and then he can retire 5 years later. Although I like your plan so maybe I’ll offer to continue working after he retires so he can take over the household for a while. This layoff has been a pleasant change of pace for us. We have tackled a couple of long awaited home projects. Life in general has a calmer feel.

  4. I agree…$10/hr for babysitting is outrageous!!!!
    Sounds like you had a really nice time on your date…looked so tranquil and beautiful! The snow pants looked really good and I’m sure you enjoyed yourself more because you were warm! Did you have to rent the snowshoes?? I’ve never been.

  5. Sometimes the best solutions are so simple that we don’t notice them! I mean the day dates.

    I’ve never been snowshoeing even though we often have plenty of snow in Finland. Today I would have liked slush shoes to get speedily forward. 🙂 I love the way you look in your winter gear and I also hate my bulky winter coat. It makes me look bigger than I am!

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