On My Mind

My mind is full of random thoughts today. Here’s what’s swirling around in my head right now.

  • Last weekend’s 60 minutes report on Sugar. I had previously read the article “Is Sugar Toxic” in the NY Times by Dr. Robert Lustig who is featured in the interview on 60 minutes. Sugar and it’s effects on the body has weighed heavily on my mind for some time. I have toyed with giving it up, but find it very difficult to make such a drastic change. Sugar is everywhere. It’s very challenging to stay away from it.
  • Easter is not about the bunny! I saw this on Facebook and it’s so true. But try telling my mother that. She believes that I am trying to suck the life out of holidays because I shun the excessive gift giving that has become the norm in my family. My child still has Christmas gifts in the basement because it was simply too much. I am also trying to discourage the candy aspect of Easter and of course this makes me the Grinch who stole Easter.
  • Graduate school…I have a meeting next week to discuss a new Master’s in Nursing program at a local college. The program starts in July and runs for two years. It is every Tuesday night. Carlos starts full day kindergarten in September. This will be the first time in 5 years that I will have some “free” time. I have enjoyed every single precious moment I have had with my son, but the truth is that we are both ready for him to be in school. I am not sure that adding another responsibility so soon is a good idea. I’m leaning towards waiting a year and beginning in July 2013.

What’s on your mind?

12 thoughts on “On My Mind

  1. Now that I’ve added the sugar tracking under my food tracker, it’s insane the amount of sugar I eat in a day, and almost a little scary :/

    I’m with you on holidays, I don’t have kids yet, but people will probably think I’m the Grinch as well.

    I think it’s great that you’re going to go back to school! It’s definitely a big decision, but no matter when we go back, it will be worth it šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Aimee! Well, I also think that people enjoy holidays better with less stuff. I totally relate to the excess presents. I actually like the Christmases better when we are a little tight on cash.

    Regarding sugar, I don’t think I’d be happy without a little, but we don’t need desserts or sweets everyday. Like meat, I’m eating much less sugar these days.

    šŸ™‚ Marion

  3. I hear you on the holiday gift giving! As kids we got one or two things we adored and savored those gifts (even when they were horrible). Now it is all about quantity! I am trying to figure a way to turn the gift effort into little excursions with the children. Sure they may miss the physical things at first, but the memories will be so more valuable in the long run.

    I also am trying to tweak the sugar in take, I weened myself of artificial sweeteners and then sugar in my coffee. Now I need to lessen it everywhere else. Not easy.

    Things to think over on my run. Have a great weekend!

    • I much prefer taking a little trip as opposed to material gifts. My husband and I never exchange gifts. We would rather go away for one night or a long weekend. I totally agree that the memories will be treasured for many years to come.

      I have also stopped using artificial sweeteners. I’m pretty sure they were causing me to have headaches. Sugar has a way of rearing its ugly head throughout the day. Sometimes I feel so powerless over it. I think rather than eliminate it all together I need to find a way to control my cravings for it.

  4. Aimee…
    I just watched the 60 min segment and completely agree with Dr. Lustig. Sugar is addicting, toxic, and disease producing. But, I also think that our society is so used to sugar being in everything that it would be extremely hard to completely eliminate it. And that is going to another extreme. I do have to say, when I consume less sugar, I feel better. But, because of the addictive nature of sugar, I also feel deprived and jealous that “others” get to have sugar. I would love to be involved in some of this research involving sugar. I would love to start a preventative program at the hospital regarding better nutrition, educating around sugar.
    Regarding Easter, I will be having some candy! But after that day, only one piece a day after dinner. Makes for a nice treat. The basket for your little one can be fun, but not filled only with candy. And I agree…Easter is not about the bunny!
    And graduate school…Congratulations on even thinking about it!!!! I’m so proud of you. Maybe a break is needed for you time. But think it through before making a decision. It seems as if you have a very supportive family so whatever you decide will probably work.
    Enjoy your holiday šŸ™‚

    • I definitely feel better when I limit my consumption of sugar, but once I get a taste of it I want more. I also feel envious of those who have the ability to eat sweet foods in limited portions and feel satisfied. I watch the kids at birthday parties. They will pick at the cake, have a bite or two and then push it away and say they are done! Gasp!! I would give anything for that kind of self-control.

      I will definitely be taking the year off before beginning graduate school, but I’m very excited about the program.

  5. I try to limit my sugar as much as possible .. it is scary how much sugar is in everything! I agree – Easter is not about the bunny! And good for you for sticking up for what you believe! It can be hard around family. Good luck with your decision about grad school!

    • Thanks Jane. Of course my son came home from my mom’s the other day and told me he “had so many M&Ms!” At least he’s not getting them here. The most I can do is keep trying.

  6. I couldn’t afford much when Hannah was little so I told her it was the “rule” that all her toys had to fit in her toy box. So when there were too many toys from the next holiday, she would pick out ones she didn’t like as much and we gave them to good will. The result? She took care of her stuff, had all the pieces to her games.

    My nephews had so many legos it covered their basement floor and they would ask me to buy them a new toy because they couldn’t find the part to put it back together again.

    Yep, whole new world when they get to school!

  7. I’ve read the “Is sugar toxic?” article too, but it’s my conscious decision to NOT do anything about it. I have bigger problems in my life than consuming sugar, and I’m not going to start obsessing about it now or in the future. It’s also pure psychology: what you deny yourself, you will crave!

    We don’t give or get gifts in Finland during Easter. We do eat chocolate eggs and candy though…

    • I love this comment Satu. I think I have decided to just find a middle ground when it comes to sugar. Though I’ve toyed with giving it up cold turkey I realize that it isn’t happening anytime soon so I might as well find a way to make peace. I’ve also decided that I am spending Easter in Finland next year!!

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