Weigh in day: Week 2

My first weigh in was Thursday, October 13. I weighed 160.4. I planned to weigh in the following week on Saturday because of my work schedule. I really hate to weigh myself right after work. My schedule alternates every other week. However, I decided to weigh myself earlier than planned on the following Thursday morning after work instead to try to keep it consistent and I was up about 1.2 pounds. I fretted about it all day. I didn’t want to blog about it. I was frustrated and angry with myself partly because of the weight gain and partly because of my relationship with the scale.

See, the scale and I broke up about a year and a half ago. I had really had it with the scale by May 2010. No matter what I did the numbers didn’t go down. Sometimes they seemed stuck at the same weight and other times it seemed as if the numbers only went in one direction – UP! Around the time I began training for my first half marathon I put the scale away and didn’t take it out again until a couple of months ago.

My body has changed considerably over the past 18 months, but oddly my weight is only about eight pounds less. People I haven’t seen in a while compliment me on my weight loss. I dropped a clothing size and on a good day I could easily fit into a size lower than the one I’m in now. Most importantly I feel a lot better about my body.

The scale and I play games, ok ok I play games with the scale. When I used to go to Weight Watchers I would weigh myself every other day to monitor my weight. I often got lax about my diet in the first few days after weigh in and then would practically starve before the next weigh in. Really? I know better than this. It’s no wonder I never reached my goal weight.

While I was “on a break” with the scale I changed up my diet to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and less processed foods. I no longer eat meat and cut way back on dairy. I also made exercise a regular part of my life whether training for a race or not. I added 1-3 days of strength training. I wasn’t on a diet, but my body responded very positively to the changes I had made.

I don’t want to go back to fighting with the scale. I don’t want that kind of a relationship again. However, I know that I am ready to take off 11 pounds by the holidays to put me in the 140s. The only way to know if I’ve achieved my goal is to weigh myself periodically. So rather than weigh in every week. I’m going to weigh in faithfully every other Thursday. I promise I will not sneak a peek.

I have the tools to lose this weight. I know exactly how to lose weight. If the weight isn’t coming off it’s because I’m doing something wrong. No more excuses dammit. It’s time to stop talking and start doing.

Yesterday morning was weigh in day. Annnndddd the results are…

Weigh in #2 = 160.2

No pity party here. A loss is a loss. I’m going to own it. I lost .2 lbs yahooooo!!! This is the beginning of a new relationship with my scale. If I want to see those numbers move in the right direction then I need to do the work.

Goals for the next two weeks:

  • journal my food (I suck at this, not going to lie) – every article I read cites journaling as an important criteria for successful weight loss. It is one of the main tools in Weight Watchers. I know that it works. I just can’t seem to be consistent with it.
  • stay hydrated with water and decaf tea
  • monitor portion size, weigh portions if necessary to remind myself of a real portion size – I have been getting a little heavy handed lately
  • lay off the peanut butter! – if you think my relationship with the scale is dysfunctional you should see me around a jar of peanut butter. We have no business being in the same room together most days. I think we need to “take a break!”

Next weigh in will be Thursday, November 10.

4 thoughts on “Weigh in day: Week 2

  1. I don’t weigh myself. I do take measurements occasionally, but that’s it. I know my relationship with the scale is not a good one, so it’s easier just to not use it and go by how I feel and clothes fit.

    • I can tell immediately by my clothing when I’m gaining weight. It does help me to reel in my behavior. It often takes longer to notice a change in my clothes when I’m losing weight but I definitely don’t want to use the scale long term.

  2. I totally understand what your saying. I’ve been working out consistantly for 5 weeks now, running, walking, and just started strength training with a personal trainer last week and I’ve only lost like 2lbs. I will admit I see changes in the way my clothes fit but it would be SUPER nice if the scale would just budge a bit more. I’m hoping my strength training and really hunkering down on my diet will help.

    Good luck!!

    • Tia keep it up. You are definitely on the right track. But I agree it is so frustrating sometimes. I try to remind myself that doing something is always better than nothing. This is about changing my lifestyle not just my weight. Good luck to you too.

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