Wordless Wednesday: Fall

My Photos

Fall Foliage Reflection

The Colors of Fall

My Little Guy

Carlos’ Photos

Pretty Little Waterfall

Mommy in the amphitheater

College Church

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fall

  1. I love these pictures. You’re going to be so happy you have them when your son is older. Those cute wide-eyed younger years must be savored while you can. Kids grow so fast.

    Did your little son take those bottom pictures? If so, they’re very good.

    🙂 Marion

    • Carlos did take the bottom pictures. We gave him our point and shoot when we got the dSLR camera. He loves taking pictures and videos. His videos are hysterical. I have thousands of photos of my little guy. I was just telling him this morning how I used to change his outfit all day when he was a baby just to take new photos. We love looking back at those photos. It is incredible how quickly the time has passed.

  2. Love the fall colors!! Thanks for your comment today – diabetes is a manageable disease, even if it is a pain in the ass sometimes!

    I have my quarterly dr. appt. in November – we’ll have to see! 😀

    Hugs, Biz

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