I am doing something today that I is just killing me. I’m resting. Wait it gets worse. I’m resting on a beautiful sunny day. It actually gets even worse. Carlos and I are resting inside on a beautiful day and I am allowing Carlos to do things like play Leap Frog games on my computer, watch an episode of Caillou (I could write an entire post on how much I loathe strongly dislike Caillou), and update his play list on iTunes. I am doing things like reading, blogging, reading blogs, and browsing Twitter and Facebook on my phone.

I worked the last two nights and it went really well. Although I was pretty sore this morning and my back felt very tight. I am feeling better each day though. My broken rib is definitely healing. I no longer need much pain medicine to get through the day. Part of me just wants to jump right back into life. However, I am a level headed, rational person with a fair amount of intelligence. I don’t need the Mayo Clinic website to tell me that “in most cases broken ribs heal on their own in one or two months.” It hasn’t even been a week since my accident.

As much as I hate lying on the sofa with a heating pad against my back while the sun shines outside I realize that the best thing that I can do for myself right now is rest. I know that this post is somewhat redundant to yesterday’s post, but I suppose it bears repeating because I have to keep reminding myself that if I want this injury to heal properly then I need to take care of myself and not overdo it with too much activity.

3 thoughts on “Resting

  1. Hi Aimee! It was also very irritating for me to take time to heal. You and I are both so active, it seems like such a pain in the a$$ to be idle for even a couple of hours, right?. I remember being idle from the AB surgery for 2 months *very* well, so I do understand what you are going through.

    Something I’ve always done when either sick or recuperating from the AB surgery is to keep my mind into fitness even when my body couldn’t be. So I read weightlifting books, yoga books, and other types of exercise books. I learned so many strategies about how to improve my fitness during these times! And it definitely made me feel like I was not ignoring my fitness.

    And, I don’t know what the Dr. said to you. But when you get the Dr.’s okay to go on walks, then do that. But don’t overdo anything during healing. Little leisurely walks actually do help maintain some muscle tone, versus doing nothing at home.

    I feel bad for you, but before you know it, you’ll be back doing everything you love. After I got back to gym from the AB surgery, yes, I had to get back into shape, but I also had a renewed freshness about my fitness. So hopefully, that happens for you.

    I don’t know if there was any sparkly magic in that support, but there was a little caring there. 😀

    🙂 Marion

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