Yesterday was an active day.  After working all night I completed a 4 mile run per my new training plan. I forgot my Garmin but I think I averaged about a 10 minute mile. I got out of work at 7am and was home before 8:30.

It’s no secret if you’ve read any of my posts that I have a four year old son, and if you know that you might be wondering where the heck he is while I’m running or at the gym after work. Since my husband leaves around 6am for work we always need to have a babysitter from that time until when I get home around 7:10am. I have been very fortunate to have my brother-in-law staying with us for a few months. On the days that Carlos is not in school he graciously babysits in the morning after Orlando leaves for work which allows me the luxury of going for a run or to the gym. Otherwise I sneak in my workout while Carlos is at preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When I got home from my run I declared it a spring cleaning day. Carlos, my brother-in-law and I cleaned away for about 3 hours. We cranked the music up, sang and danced as we cleaned every nook and cranny of the downstairs.

As I was just about to take a shower I got a text from a work friend inviting me to a local Zumba class two minutes from my house at 6pm. I loooovvvveeee Zumba! I stayed nasty for the rest of the day and went to Zumba. It was so much fun.

I showered as soon as I got home and went to bed not long after. What a day. I ate great all day. I didn’t even have an evening snack. I really do love being active. I am looking forward to many more Zumba classes and I’m excited about my new training plan. Off to pick up the little guy from school.

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