I have to confess that I am still on the fence about this blog business. I am trying to find my groove with it, but it still feels awkward at times. I worry about blog etiquette, like did I link to everything I was supposed to, did I reference a recipe properly, am I supposed to tell bloggers if I link to them or their recipe, etc. I read a number of blogs but I am not out to emulate any of them. I want the blog to feel natural and therefore I want readers to come to it naturally. I’m ok with the fact that practically no one reads it yet. If it’s meant to be read then it will be read.

I like having the blog. I love writing about running and fitness, my struggles with weight and my journey to a more healthful life. When I was much heavier I was miserable and it was evident, but for so long I felt like I couldn’t talk about what I was feeling inside. Unfortunately when you start making positive changes people don’t want to hear about that either. They either think you’re preaching or they are envious. So I appreciate having an outlet to write about the great things happening in my life and equally the not so great things that are bound to happen from time to time.

I think I just convinced myself to keep blogging!

Well with that out of the way how about some more confessions about me:

  • I have recently succeeded in eliminating all meat from my diet, but I haven’t been able to give up fish/seafood yet.
  • I really want to go on the Amazing Race.
  • I love working the night shift.
  • I  ♥ my MacBook and my iPhone.
  • I don’t like mayonnaise (this always seems to surprise people?)!
  • My idea of a fun night out is browsing Whole Foods alone.

2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Keep blogging if you love it, Aimee! I may not always be able to comment, but I’m always reading!!! 🙂

    I wanted to do the Amazing Race, too! I tried to convince my Dad to do it with me because he’s more adventurous and interested in travel than anyone I know!

    There is a Whole Foods coming to my area and I.can’t.wait! I know I’ll be browsing (and spending $$$) often!

  2. Thanks Marisa. I can’t always comment on my favorite blogs either but I love to read them.

    Oh you will be in for a treat when Whole Foods arrives. It is dangerous though!

    I’m working on my husband for the Amazing Race. I’m hoping it stays around for awhile until our son is old enough for us to go away as long as it takes to do the show!

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