What day is it today?  I have been working a lot of overtime lately.  I work 32 hours which is considered full time.  Sometimes we have patients who require someone to be within arms length of them at all times for safety reasons.  Additional staff is needed and on the overnight shift it is often difficult to find people to work so I try to fill in when I can.  The extra money is always welcome, but the days do begin to roll into one another as though I’ve been living one long perpetual day.

I worked last night.  I got home, brought Carlos to school, returned home and quickly changed into running clothes.  The sky was overcast and the temperature chilly.  I didn’t care.  I just wanted to run outdoors.  I’m really getting tired of the gym.  I put on my Garmin and hit the road.  I had no plan.  Sometimes I like it that way.  I just ran and let my feet decide the route.  I ended up running 7 miles.  It wasn’t my fastest run but it was a consistent run. and I felt great.

In other news we have decided to participate in a CSA this year.  I am really excited about this.  We have talked about it for the last year or so.  Western Massachusetts has a number of CSA options.  I am still researching them but I think any one of them would be terrific.

The first 5K I ran in 2009 supported The Kestrel Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving farm land, forests, rivers and mountains in 9 Connecticut River Valley towns in Western Massachusetts.  Running the race and learning more about the efforts of The Kestrel Trust really brought about a new appreciation for the local natural treasures we have right in our backyard. Carlos and I are already planning our hikes for the spring.

I have to get ready for work now.  I am looking forward to a night off and a big announcement in a day or two.  See you then!

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