We are leaving on Wednesday for a big trip to visit my in-laws.  This is not your ordinary vacation.  Our first flight is roughly 16 hours straight.  We made this same trip two years ago when my son was 2 years old.  I was completely unprepared for how my son would eat while on the trip.  He is a picky eater to begin with despite our attempts to introduce all of the wonderful healthy foods we eat.  Unfortunately he reminds of me when I was a child.  I didn’t eat a vegetable until I was well into my 20s…GASP!  It’s no surprise that I’ve struggled with weight issues for so many years.  I am no longer picky by any means and eat just about everything under the sun.

Needless to say Carlos wanted nothing to do with airplane food.  Really who does?  I had packed a minimal amount of snacks and the rest of the flight he subsisted on juice, crackers and lollypops the flight attendants kept giving him.  Sugar high anyone.

During the actual trip he refused to eat the delicious foods prepared by my mother-in-law.  Even plain white rice that he would normally eat at home he decided he no longer liked.  He ate scrambled eggs, bread and peanut butter.  That’s what I remember.  I was sick watching my baby lose weight right in front of my eyes.  We were visiting for an entire month and it was by far one of the most stressful months since my otherwise very healthy son was born.

Well it’s been two years since that trip.  I’m older and wiser.  My son is still very picky, but he does consistently try one new food each day.  He is a fairly healthy eater mostly because I don’t keep sugar laden foods in the house.  His favorite snacks are fruit and air popped popcorn.  He will eat yogurt, Cheerios, egg whites, whole grain toast, cheese and occasionally rice and beans.  He is still what I call bland and prefers things like noodles with butter and grated cheese.  He drinks milk and juice is limited to OJ, Fruitables which have a half serving of vegetables in each serving, and other 100% fruit juices (no high fructose corn syrup).  We encourage him to grab water bottles in the refrigerator whenever he is thirsty and he does.

Carlos is an extremely healthy and active 4 year old.  His weight is not a concern as he is at a very healthy weight for his height.  However, I took a different approach to packing this time.  I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years from all of the healthy living blogs that I read.  Now it’s time to put it into action.

Cue the suitcase:

Snack Pack Check In

This will be one of our checked suitcases.  It is loaded with granola bars (I tend to make my own at home but these will travel better obviously!), Fruitable juice boxes, Annie’s Mac and Cheese, apple sauce, pudding, dried fruit and nut mix, oatmeal packets and gold fish crackers.  The yoga clocks and syrup are for a friend.

This is all well and good for when we arrive at our destination, but what about the plane ride you ask.  Cue the carry on:

Snack Pack Carry On

I ♥ Trader Joe’s!!  Fruit strips, bars, almonds, raisins, pop corn, more bars underneath, and a big bag of Welch’s fruit chews round out the carry on.  We are all going to go through security with empty water bottles which we will then fill at a water fountain or restaurant once past security.

I feel better prepared for Carlos and also for myself and my husband.

Oh and we are bringing clothes too!


See the bathing suit and flip flops!!!!  I packed Carlos and I into the smallest suitcase.  My husband packs his clothing in the largest suitcase we own because, well, let’s just say he brings everything but the kitchen sink.  As long as I don’t have to wheel it then I shut my eyes and let him do his thing.

So there you have it.  We are just about packed and ready to go!

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