Yesterday was one of those days that you just don’t imagine happening to you.  I worked on Thursday night.  Friday morning I went straight home to take Carlos to preschool.  I knew that snow was likely on its way and the temperature was perfect for a run so I got changed into running garb.  As always I drove to the reservoir after dropping Carlos off at school.  It is convenient, scenic and peaceful…usually.

I had told my husband that I was going to play the run by ear and do as much as I felt like doing. Sometimes I find that I am more inspired to run longer distances when I am not “scheduled” to do a long run.  I came equipped with my pocket book so that I could do a few errands after the run before picking up Carlos at 11am.  I parked the car in my usual spot in a small lot off of a busy main road.  I left my water bottles in the car and shoved my pocket book under the seat.  And off I went.

I stopped back at the car after the first loop which was about 3.5 miles.  I had a drink and checked my phone for the time and to see if anyone had called.  I have an iPhone and I do typically take it with me on long runs, but since I was doing shorter loops I left it in my pocket book since I had my iPod which is lighter, sits comfortably in the arm band and is more user friendly to use while running.

It was a calm morning.  There were clouds in the sky and snow was imminent, but there was no wind.  The air had a refreshing bite to it as I started to warm up from the run.  I felt great and during my second loop around I was pretty sure I wanted to go around again. I wanted to make the most of the outdoors before the snow came to make it messy again.

I stopped at the car again to call my husband and rehydrate.  I told my husband that I planned to do one more loop.  It was around 9:20 am when I began that last loop.  I waved hello as I passed other runners and walkers.  There were at least a half a dozen people on the trail.

I returned to my car at about 9:50.  By this time there were about 4 or 5 other cars in the lot.  As I came up to the drivers side window I noticed something greenish and almost glimmering all over the floor and seat on the passenger side.  It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened.  My front passenger side window had been shattered.  I knew instantly that my pocket book would be missing from under the seat.  A rush of emotions flooded over me in an instant.  My first thought was my son.  I had to make sure that he would be picked up from school in just over an hour.  I looked around to see if there was anyone who might be able to help me and also to make sure I was not in any danger.  I knew that I needed to go to the police station, but I could not for the life of me think of where it was located as I was not in the town that I live in.

I jumped in the car and headed home.  There were shards of glass still hanging from where there was once a window. I shook the entire 10 minute ride home from cold and fear.  I was so grateful that my husband was home and not working.  He was a huge support and help throughout the rest of the day.  After a big comforting hug I grabbed my laptop and we systematically tackled every detail involved in having my wallet and iPhone stolen.

Thank goodness for my Mom who was able to pick up Carlos from school and take him to her house while we rushed to the police station, the bank, and the window replacement shop.  Orlando handled the window replacement while I sat at my Mom’s making a million phone calls to credit card companies, the insurance company, AT&T, Apple, social security, the department of motor vehicles, our health insurance company, etc.  By 4:30 pm I was finished with just about everything except for changing online passwords and login information for safety.  But having worked the night before and scheduled to work again at 11pm I was desperately in need of sleep.  First we had to stop at the police station on our way home to pick up the police report.

My pocket book and house keys had been found about 5 miles from where they were taken sans the wallet and phone of course.  I obtained my things and the police report and headed home, exhausted both physically and mentally.  My mind raced for a while before I was able to lapse into sleep.  I only slept a few hours before waking.  A blanket of snow covered the ground.  I couldn’t believe all that happened in less than 24 hours.

If anyone does read this resist the urge to judge or scold me for having my wallet and phone in the car.  Don’t think I haven’t already beaten myself up over my own stupidity.  If anything good came out of this experience it was the many things I learned throughout the day and the kindness of almost everyone who assisted me.  Unfortunately I unintentionally created almost ideal conditions for a desperate person.  I lost $15, a couple of Best Buy gift cards totaling less than $100, credit cards, my license, health insurance cards, my iPhone and some winter gloves.  Those things can be replaced.  No money was charged to my accounts before they were closed.  I was physically unharmed as the police officer reminded me.  The rest can be replaced.

I plan to do a follow up post on the steps I had to take after losing the wallet and phone to ensure my personal and financial safety as well as perhaps a separate post on the invaluable lessons learned.  A rude awakening indeed…

4 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Oh Aimee!!! I’m so sorry that happened to you! But, you are entirely right, it’s all stuff that can be replaced! Another good thing that they found your pocketbook and house keys! I think I would have been a nervous wreck knowing that someone had my address and my house keys! And no beating yourself up; YOU were the victim of a crime!

    Glad everything worked out with your accounts, too. My MIL got her wallet stolen and within MINUTES had a thousand dollars charged to it!

  2. Thank you Marisa. I was so relieved that they found my house keys especially because my license was in my wallet and they would have had access to my address. I did find that they made 4 phone calls from my phone before I deactivated it. I spoke with the police about that today and since 2 of the calls were local I am hoping they will find something. I’ve gone through such a range of emotions this weekend. I would not wish this on anyone.

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