My little guy started preschool in September.  I opted to send him Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a half day.  I drop him off around 7:45 (school starts at 7:50) and pick him up at 11.  He goes to school only a few miles from the reservoir I typically run around.  It is quite convenient.  I have been diligently going to the reservoir almost school day after I bring Carlos to school.  We have had a great fall and it helps that I like running in cooler temps.

I was running one loop around the reservoir which is about 3.5 miles.  Lately I have been craving more especially on those gorgeous mornings.  I have been doing two loops around when I can.  This morning I decided to do my long run of the week and made it a 10 miler.  I ran three loops around the res.  It was perfect running weather.

Who am I running 10 miles, 7 miles, even 3 miles?  I can’t even explain how I feel when I am out there on the trail.  Sure I have bad runs.  Today was a great run.  There were moments when the mental aspect of running tried to slow me down or make me stop, but I kept pushing through.  I finished one loop and took a water break.  When I set out on the second loop I felt excited about doing 10 miles. I get lost in my thoughts at times and then I can’t believe how far I’ve run.

I had set my water bottle near a tree at my starting point.  I took another water break after the second loop.  There was not one ounce of me that wanted to abandon the ten miles I had set out to do.  My iPod was set at a new favorite running tune ready to play and I set out for my final loop.  My legs felt so strong.  My breathing had settled down to a regular, comfortable rhythm somewhere in the first loop.  The sun was out but the air still really cool.

I finished my run around 9:45 am, jetted home for a quick shower, made a green smoothie and then headed back to get my son from school. Since it was an early release day I had to be there for 10:45.  In less than 3 hours I accomplished my long run and so much more.

Now I am sitting in my sister’s kitchen.  She lives outside of Boston.  We were in need of some sister time.  So we are off to Elephant Walk shortly.  I can’t wait.  I am starving!!!

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