A beautiful day…to clean?

It was like spring outside today, bright blue sky, brilliant yellow sun, with just the right touch of coolness to the air.  It was the perfect day for a run.

Not a cloud in the sky

But sadly I didn’t have time for a run today.  I was too busy doing this…

Squeaky clean

I waited an hour to see if the a cleaning lady was going to show up, but apparently she got lost.  Hey a girl can dream.  Don’t you just love my pink gloves though?  We got them at work for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  I think they are fabulous!

I might not have a cleaning lady, but I do have a wonderful mother who graciously offered to clean my entire house take the little guy out for a few hours.  Since my husband was working, I had the house to myself.  I cranked up the music and set out to get this house clean.

Now I live like I’m always expecting a pop in guest so my house is never what anyone would perceive as dirty. However, life has been all kinds of hectic lately and I just haven’t been able to do more than spot clean and vacuum incessantly.  I ♥ my Featherweight Bissell! I also love to do laundry.  I very rarely have to tackle Mount Laundry because I am always throwing in a load.

So today was all about getting down and dirty with the dirt or actually dust in my house’s case.  I am trying not to revisit the rooms I have already cleaned because I know the dust will have reappeared rendering my efforts useless.  I made a lot of headway today.  My house is not exactly large.  In fact it is a quaint old petite colonial.  I just had so much to do there was no way to get through it all in one day especially given the fact that I worked last night and have to work again tonight.

I will just have to do the bathroom and Carlos’ room tomorrow.  There are actually very good reasons that neither of those rooms were cleaned.  Carlos is now napping and I just cleaned his room at the beginning of the week.  It could still use a dusting though.  My excuse for not cleaning the bathroom is simply, I hate cleaning the bathroom.  There I said it!  I absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom.  I despise cleaning the toilet.  My old ugly floor tiles just never seem free from fly away hairs, dust and toddler pee.  The bathroom will get a quick wipe down in a minute but I refuse to go any deeper than that.  I have faith that a cleaning lady will show up tomorrow.

My husband is currently eating a crumbly granola bar in the living room with no napkin or plate to catch the crumbs.  Hmmm I think I know who will be cleaning the bathroom tomorrow.

Horrible photo I know.  With each day that passes I become convinced that a DSLR camera is necessary.

Awww but who am I kidding I know exactly who will be cleaning the bathroom tomorrow.

Carlos took this photo a while ago.  So perfectly expressive at this moment!  I must go to bed soon.  At least I have a 5K to look forward to after cleaning the dreaded bathroom tomorrow.  The weather looks clear and a little colder tomorrow.  Excellent running weather.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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