Since When

We had a little overnight guest at our house this weekend much to the joy of my three year old.  I never realized how much work went into a sleepover for two relatively tiny people.  However, when my mother called about 2 hours into the sleepover I graciously thanked her for putting up with all of my and my sister’s friends on countless sleepover throughout our youth.  I wasn’t sure if I would make it through the night!

Our 5 year old guest was clearly thrown into a wild culture shock when we informed him that there was absolutely no Wii present in our home.  I showed the kids out the door to where my husband was raking a giant pile of leaves for them to jump in.  Our guest informed me within 13 minutes of his arrival that he was bored and didn’t want to be outside.

Since when do kids not like the outdoors?  We were outside from morning until dark when I was a kid often times eating our lunch outside too.

They played on the front porch for a bit before our guest declared that he was tired.  Tired? It was only 4:30 in the afternoon.  Had he worked that morning?  Since when do children utter the words, “I’m tired.”  My little guy would never ever admit to such a thing.  Even when his eyelids are nearly closed and we ask, “Are you tired?”  The eyelids fly open and he usually responds with a resounding, “NO!”

At last we got the kids to play outside for a bit before dinner.  Dinner, bath, one show and up to bed.  I read two stories before I shut the lights at about 8:15 which is way past my little guy’s usual bed time of 7pm.  Our guest announced that he was not tired and would not be going to sleep yet.  Ummm excuse me?  His mother had informed me that 10pm is not an uncommon bedtime on the weekends.  Since when do children stay up until 10pm.  It was Dance Fever and Solid Gold then to bed at 8pm on a Saturday night.  There was no Love Boat for me back then.

The kids slept just fine once they finally fell asleep.  They were up at the butt crack of dawn thanks to daylight savings.  When I asked what our guest wanted for breakfast I got, “I don’t eat breakfast.”  What?  Since when do kids not want to eat breakfast or any other meal of the day?  I made him waffles anyway and set down a big bowl of grapes.  He demolished the waffles and I do believe I saw a few grapes go into his mouth.

My husband graciously accompanied me with the boys to the college so I could go for a run.  He let the boys do their own running.  Turns out our little guest had a great time.  I did too.  I set a loose goal of six miles with the option to do less.  It was a gorgeous fall day.  The air was cool and crisp.  I set out and finished the first three miles in just about 29 minutes.  I stopped for a water break and decided to hit the trail for another three.  I finished the next three in about 29 minutes as well, a great time for me.  I felt great, like I could do another three.  Since when did six miles become almost easy?

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