Happy day after Christmas. It’s not a Monday or the beginning of the year. I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn like I hoped. I was tired.

I started working at 7:30AM. The normal workday for me is 8:30AM to 5PM. I need to commit to 8-hour workdays. Maybe today will be a 9 hour day. Still better than a 16 hour day.

Thankful for black scrub pants that hide the extra layer I’ve put on in the last couple of years. I have one pair of scrub pants that I am aiming to wear again. They aren’t meant to hide anything and require slightly smaller thighs!

There are tons of cookies and desserts in my house. I will get rid of them a little later once everyone else has had their fill or when the temptation becomes too strong.

No promises today other than to make good choices that make me feel healthier. I am worth taking care of.


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